Company and its history

Would you like to see who is behind Huizinvest ?
And how all this has happened

Who we are

Huizinvest is a family holding company. The role of Huizinvest is to support fiancially and managerially wise its subsidiaries.
Huizinvest is also a real estate company owning a small portfolio in the Brussels area , mainly in the retail sector.



Jun 11

2018 – We are right here

Aug 16

2010 – We decided to invest in new companies

Aug 16

80’s and 90’s – Real Estate and paper, board, packaging,…

Aug 16

80’s – Real Estate

Aug 16

1983 – Founded by Jean-Pierre Meeùs ans his two sons, Luc and Yves.

Huizinvest was founded early 1983 by Jean-Pierre Meeùs and his two sons , Luc and Yves.
Huizinvest grew in the real estate sector from 1983 mainly in the residential sector.
It also supported the management of the companies belonging to the Meeùs family (Paper, Board, Packaging…)
From 2010 we decided to invest in new companies (start-up or recently created companies) and to invest mainly in the retail sector for our real estate portfolio.

Long term and active Shareholding

Huizinvest is a long term and active shareholder.
We have sold some participations but most of our present participations have been more than 10 years in our portfolio.
We want to be an active shareholder meaning that we sit on the Board of Directors of the companies in which we have a shareholding. We play an active role in the work of these boards and develop an effective partnership with the management.